Lawn Looks Like A Golf Course

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August 14, 2018
Thoroughly Impressed
July 2, 2019
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Lawn Looks Like A Golf Course

“Paul thank you very much for calling this morning and having one square of Palisades zoysia saved for me. You can see (my fault) fertilizer burn picture. Dug it out and ended up just using the entire square. Mixed good compost with dirt dug out to break up and back fill just to the right height. Lightly tamped it down to get air out of the mud and water really good for binding to existing dirt.

Final picture is the Palisades Jay and the guys installed a couple years ago and doing it right. I knew it would take longer to establish and not instant grass like SA. Many neighbors have walked by doing the mowing to ask this lawn looks like a golf course how do you do it. Right fertilizer but it was put in right by Mata-Turf that is the key to this lawn.”

Again thanks for the help fixing my mistake.”

-John G.